From a Decive to Part of Your Body.
Redefining ‘wireless’ Music Player and Smart Sports Equipment

Technology is not strapping more devices on your body, but allowing you to experience its smartness without feeling it. The ‘Duet Play’ technology of gogo let the headphone cables completely step down from the stage of the history. It’s a true wireless device with both earbuds functioning individually.

Listening and Moving

4GB storage combines the earphone with a music player perfectly.
The full featured touch control let the volume adjustment and song selection can be done by just a simple swipe, even during workouts.


Real-time speed monitoring, audio promoting
With the smart exercise plan and heart rate monitoring, you can workout more effectively.


Exercise should be the most free experience. For real freedom,
we developed the techonology of wireless ultimately. The two earbuds
of gogo achieved a true wireless communication with its ‘Duet Play’ technology.
From now on, let’s say goodbye to every limitation.

Comfortable Self-fit Anti-drop Earbuds

After multiple tests, our designers chose a silicone used in baby pacifiers as the material of the earbuds.
Together with its specially designed shape, gogo earbuds are able to achieve both comfort and anti-drop standards.
The earbud comes with S/M/L three sizes for selection.

Full Featured Touch Control

We do not place any button on gogo in order to maintain its perfect shape and a complete water-resistant feature. Instead,
we use an all-in-one touch pad and universal gestures for gogo’s touch control.

High Quality Music

With the professional 13mm’s beryllium diaphragm unit to make sound, gogo could lead you into a world of music during your workout.
Its dual-microphone noise reduction design also makes your calls clearer.


gogo is equipped with water-resistant feature, neither rain nor sweat will affect its performance.
gogo will accompany you wherever you run.

Fully-charged Anytime

Gogo’s exclusive portable charger allows a pair of gogo earbud to be fully charged twice.
Every charging cycle will only take 40minutes.

go sport: gogo’s exclusive sports managing App

go sport is developed for synchronizing and managing the exercise data and music on gogo.
It also provides multiple professional workout plans for your selection, helps you to workout more effectively.